James Sprunt Community College Joins as C3’s 11th Partner School

Transferring to NC State is now a bit smoother for community college students from rural Duplin County. On September 3, 2020, NC State University and James Sprunt Community College signed an MOU, making James Sprunt the 11th community college partner in NC State’s Community College Collaboration (C3). 

C3 is a dual-enrollment, dual-admission program that gives students at partner NC Community Colleges a clear pathway to a four-year degree from NC State. Individual advising by NC State advisors – while students are still at the community college – helps students navigate the transfer process. Early access to degree planning tools shows how courses in the Associate Degree meet NC State’s degree requirements. Career inventories and leadership development programs allow students early access to University resources. Together, these initiatives increase access and support for students, primarily rural and underserved students, who might otherwise think an NC State degree is out of reach.

James Sprunt Community College is a natural fit for the C3 program, says Director Martha Harmening. “With Agriculture as one of NC State’s mission programs, building a partnership with James Sprunt makes sense because of our shared focus on the future of agriculture and shared commitment to rural students.”  As the C3 program continues to expand, NC State has prioritized increasing access to students with economic need indicators and rural backgrounds. As a Tier 1 county, Duplin County students are more likely to have financial need, be first-generation students, and benefit from the support a program like C3 can offer. 

For some students, beginning their college career at a smaller school or staying closer to home makes financial sense. “As a rural community college in Eastern North Carolina, we strive to help to minimize the costs associated with obtaining a bachelor’s degree and ease the financial burden upon families. … This agreement helps to do that,” said Dr. Jay Carraway, President of James Sprunt Community College. “Through this agreement, our students can realize that by beginning at a community college and transferring, they could save time and money towards their academic goals.”

This collaboration continues to solidify NC State’s longstanding commitment to students from Eastern North Carolina.

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