Thankful for our C3 Partners

In this season of celebrating Thanksgiving, we at C3 want to let our liaisons know how much you mean to us! Our program couldn’t be what it is without you. By helping spread awareness about C3 to your community college students, you’ve positively impacted countless college careers. But don’t take our word for it. Hear it straight from a few of our students:


I started at Central Carolina Community College because I was not sure if I would get into a good engineering school. When I heard about C3, everything changed.I was able to save money attending the community college, and now I am about to graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I want to thank my father, who was also a teacher of mine, for encouraging me to apply to this program.
-Ben F., Central Carolina

Dr. Catherine Ward is a great spokesperson for C3. I would never have found out about it or thought I’d be eligible to apply if she hadn’t introduced me and encouraged me to. It was a relief to know where I was headed when I was still in the thick of things at Durham Tech. Thank you, Dr. Ward!
-Haley A., Durham Tech

I owe a lot to Johnston Community College for setting me up for success at NC State, and I would like to personally thank Ms. Dixon for introducing me to C3! Having C3’s support during my transition from JCC to NC State made it seamless, and it’s shaped my college experience for the better. Thank you!
-Cora V., Johnston

I would like to thank Britney Smith, my advisor at Wilson Community College, for keeping me on track and always having a positive attitude.
-Michelle M., Wilson

As a first generation college student, I’ve come a long way with parents who never had the chance to receive a good education due to an ongoing civil war. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given and for being a part of C3. This program has allowed me to be a part of a school that I have always wanted to attend in order to achieve my career goals.
-Eh Taw B., Wake Tech

Applying to the C3 program was one of the best decisions I have made in a while. It’s provided me with a whole new support system, an amazing environment, new opportunities to explore and connect with others, as well as guaranteed admission to the school I thought I would never be able to attend but here I am. Thank you to all my advisors at C3 and ACC for providing me with the tools and support that has molded me into a better person as well as furthering my academic career.
Have a wonderful break, knowing how very grateful we are for all that you do!
-Nathan L., Alamance

To the Wake Tech administration, thank you! I’ll never forget when Molly Belcher handed me a C3 flyer in the admissions office because she knew that transferring to NC State was my plan A, B, and C. That flyer changed my life. A few months later — through a C3 cookout — I connected with other like-minded students, and together we explored NC State’s campus. Kimberly Smalls-McDougal helped me stay on track with my college courses and answered all of my questions. Those few times she couldn’t, Mrs.Smalls kindly pointed me to the right contacts. Last but not least, Dennis Porch offered tremendous insight into my major. I cannot stress enough, and I could go on several more sentences, that what you do for C3 is worth it for students like me.
-Joselyn R., Wake Tech


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