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What is Moodle?

Moodle, also known as WolfWare, is NC State’s learning management system. It’s a primary way that your professors will:

  • communicate with you
  • give quizzes
  • assign homework and projects
  • share readings & resources
  • and more

Why it matters

Your community college probably uses a different system – many use Blackboard or Canvas. Moodle has similar functions, but sometimes there’s a bit of a learning curve for C3 students to navigate a new system.

C3 has created a Moodle site that’s just for C3 students. It’s designed for you to explore – to take practice quizzes, try out the discussion boards, learn how/where to find information that you need, and to get a feel for how it works before you have to do it for a grade.

Learn More

This video will show you how to navigate to Moodle, find the C3 project space, and start using the system.

Moodle Overview for C3

Questions about Moodle? NC State offers tips for using Moodle. Karina Zimmerman is the expert in the C3 office – reach out if you have questions.