C3 Drop-in Hours

Student sits on a red couch in Talley Student Center working on her laptop.

Student in Talley

Our Virtual Couch is Open!

  • Wondering what would happen if you drop a course at your community college?
  • Questions about applying to the C3 program?
  • Need help finding the right resource at NC State?
  • Looking for someone who will laugh at the funny photo you took of your cat?

The C3 advising team offers regular virtual drop-in hours where we can help with any questions you might have – or just chat about how you’re doing. These hours are open to anyone, whether you are a prospective student, you’re at the community college, or you’re a current C3 student already at NC State. We’re working remotely, so zoom in to our online office if there’s anything on your mind. (And honestly – funny cat photos totally welcome!)

4 responses on “C3 Drop-in Hours

  1. Kirsten McDonald says:

    I am trying to join the zoom for today but it will not let me in. It is saying that I have to wait to be let in.

    1. C3 says:

      Thanks for your patience! Drop in hours are one-on-one, and sometimes we’re already with a student when you try to join. Just hold tight and we’ll be with you as soon as we can.

  2. Dawson Hicks says:

    Where is the link for the zoom?

    1. C3 says:

      You should be able to access the zoom by clicking on the date/time. Each session has a different link.

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