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C3 Experience

To join C3 is to be a part our Pack family. Learn what the C3 experience is all about and hear our students’ stories firsthand.

Discover the C3 Experience

The students in C3 are the heart of what makes our program great. The journey through university and beyond is a big one, and we’re committed to celebrating every moment.

C3 is equipped with the tools and community to support our students at every milestone, from application to graduation. The multitude of resources provided at C3 are just as diverse as our students. We get our students career-ready and integrated into the Pack from day one at community college. Ready for cookouts at NC State ballgames? Career development workshops? Howling Cow ice cream socials? We’ve got you covered!

Introducing our fifth social media ambassador, Callie Haapala!

Callie (she/her) is at NC State! She's majoring in Recreation and Tourism Management with a minor in global leadership and team decision-making.

She loves all things outdoors, adventurous, and related to travel ✈️

You can look forward to Callie showing you the range of college life to help new transfers feel at home 💛 and the beauty of the outdoors 🌳 ✨
We're here to shed some light (🌅) on another one of our new Social Media Ambassadors!

Meet Tre'Vaughn (he/him), a student at @durham_tech who intends to major in Civil Engineering at NC State. 

🌴 He was raised in the Bahamas
🏈 He loves playing sports
🗣️ He has a knack for teaching and motivational public speaking 

Follow us to keep track of Tre'Vaughn's journey and to learn all about the best benefits of our program that he can't wait to share 🙌🏾

#DoGreatThings #ThinkAndDo #ThinkAndDoC3
🐾💙 C3 is all about woof-pack pride 💙 🐾

Tell us all about your pets below ⬇️ and tag us in your photos so we can see them! 

#packpride #wolfpack
Jump on this 🌟 GOLDEN 🌟 opportunity, C3 students! 

Join us this Tuesday, March 7th, for a virtual Financial Wellness Workshop! Learn all the tools you need to make smart money decisions now and in the future.

Find the link to register in your email 📥

(psst...! There might be some prizes for attending! 🤫)
➡️ Have you been to The Corner yet? ⬅️

The Corner is a spot on Centennial Campus for working, snacking, and lounging. It's made out of brightly colored shipping containers, so you can't miss it! 

Everyone is welcome to use this community space. So community college students, we'll see you there too! 💻
⚠️Flash Warning⚠️

You always rule the day, but especially when you apply to C3! 🍔✨❤️

Want to learn more about a transfer pathway that graduates you a spot at NC State and a home with the C3 Pack family? We’d love to have you! 

Follow us or check out our website at to learn more 🙌

➡️ Application open until June 1st
Curious about C3? 🤔

Our application is open, which can mean many questions about the process. How do I apply? Am I eligible? What is C3 all about? 

If you have questions about applying to C3 or you're brand new to our program, our ✨virtual info sessions✨ are for you! 

We are hosting our virtual information sessions twice a month until the end of May to help you at any step of the application process. Register 📝 with the link in our bio!
Today's the day! Our C3 New Student Application is OPEN!! 📋

Are you looking for a pathway to NC State that saves you money, helps you build community, and puts you on your path toward your degree? C3 would love to have you!

Our application is totally free (❌💰) and takes hardly any time to complete. 

🗣️ Help us spread the word to others who might be interested!

Application due June 1st. Find all the details about eligibility, deadlines, and applying through the link in our bio ⬆️
Congratulations, C3 students! You almost have your first month of classes under your belt 📚

Balancing classes can be hard, so here is a list of resources available to each of you to help you along! ➡️ (psst, community college students! Your college likely has these tools too. If you can't find them, reach out so we can help you.)

🤍 NC State Academic Success Center (@ncstateasc) - offers tutoring, wellness coaching, writing consultation, and more services and support programs!

🤍 NC State's Counseling and Prevention Services (@ncstatecounseling) - provides nine mental health support levels, from initial consultation to one-on-one therapy. 

🤍 Grade Exclusions - NC State students are eligible for two grade exclusions for grades C- or lower. Talk to your advisor about this option if GPA stress is holding you back. 

❤️ The C3 Team - Shoot us an email or a DM if you need help getting connected to the right resources. We're here to help! 

You've got this, C3 students! 📣

Student Stories

The C3 transfer experience means being career-ready upon graduation. By joining the Pack through us, we help you Think and Do by connecting you with resources on campus to excel in your profession. We’re devoted to helping you do what you love, both in the classroom and beyond.

The C3 staff can connect you with faculty and departments on campus that are hiring. You’ll gain meaningful professional development that’s closely aligned with your major while earning a paycheck to help cover college costs.

Check out the cool stuff we have helped past C3 students accomplish and hear from them what #ThinkAndDoC3 means to them!

Rafael Stanziola-Clark ’23

Industrial Engineering

Sabrina Pietrosemoli ’22

Undergraduate Research in Biomedical Engineering

“This position what my first experience as a researcher. It helped me develop valuable skills needed in a research lab, but the most valuable aspects of my experience were the connections I built and the reassurance to continue down the research path. The C3 program truly opened these doors for me, and I am forever grateful.”

Brennan Higgins ’24

Middle Grades Education

Justice Skinner

Undergraduate Research in comparative anatomy

Pursuing degree in Animal Science with a plan to attend veterinary school

“I found out about this position through a spreadsheet of C3-funded jobs presented by C3’s Director Martha Harmening. My favorite aspects of my job are how flexible the hours are and the amount of hands-on work that is included. I’m learning a lot about the anatomy of a variety of creatures, primarily lemurs, and as a result I’ll be more prepared going into veterinary school after I graduate.

Ben Falero ’22

Electrical and Computer Engineering


We host a variety of events for our C3 students to connect, learn about NC State resources, and get familiar with our campus before transferring. Join us!

C3 Benefits


Planning Tools


Programs and


Academic Advising

As a C3 student, you will be assigned an NC State advisor upon admission to the program. The advisor will help you identify majors that are aligned with your interests and academic abilities, map a comprehensive course plan, and ensure that courses taken at the community college will transfer to your intended major. You will also receive financial aid advising to maximize aid eligibility and minimize student debt.

Online Planning Tools

You will have direct access to NC State’s specialized online advising and course planning tools. These tools will help develop a comprehensive academic course plan to enhance the timely completion of both the associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. We have also created a specialized C3 Moodle page to help you learn about navigating NC State classes before you arrive on campus.

Networking Opportunities

While enrolled at the community college, you will have opportunities to visit NC State’s campus for a wide range of engaging C3 activities and programs. These activities are made to help you build community with other C3 students and become connected with NC State’s campus. We encourage attendance at these social events to ease your transition to NC State.

C3 and other NC State representatives will also visit the community college campuses several times during the regular academic year to meet with C3 students and make sure they are progressing toward their goals and staying connected with one another.

Programs and Events

C3 knows transferring to NC State can feel overwhelming–most of our staff have done it ourselves! College is more than the classroom, and we value every aspect of your college experience. We host events to help connect you with fellow students and with NC State’s campus. We host a wide range of activities to help you feel at home on campus. Some that we have done in the past include…

Guaranteed Admission

You are in at NC State. While we don’t guarantee admission to a specific major, we have a place for you and will help you find a major that meets your goals. After completing your associate degree with a cumulative 3.0+ GPA, you are guaranteed admission to NC State.

C3 Military Connect Additional Benefits

Military transfers and deployments can complicate your path to a college degree. As a C3 Military Connect student, we provide all of the benefits available to traditional C3 students, with the added support of caring advisors who understand your unique challenges as a veteran or dependent. We will connect you with support from NC State’s Veterans Education and Jeffrey Wright Military and Veteran Services.

Paying for College

We work closely with Jeffrey Wright Military and Veteran Services to ensure you know how to maximize your education benefits. Our Scholarships and Financial Aid Office is there to provide additional support when you need it.

Supportive Staff

In C3, we’ll pair you with people who understand your unique needs and unique challenges as a military-affiliated student. From our C3 staff advisors to our partnerships with the Jeffrey Wright Military and Veteran Services, we have military connections to support you in achieving your college dreams.

Military-friendly school

We’re consistently named among the top 10 military-friendly schools, both for veterans and for military families/dependents. NC State’s most iconic landmark, the Memorial Belltower, was built to honor NC State alumni who were killed in World War I. And with nearly 2500 military-connected students on campus, you’ll find others who understand your experiences and can support you in your college journey.

Connect with the Jeffrey Wright
Military and Veterans Services